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Ah, the age-old question of whether it’s best to buy a home now, or continue to rent. There is no right answer. It really depends on where you’re at in life, and whether being a homeowner is something that’s right for you.

Imagine building your own wealth through market value appreciation of a home that you buy. Imagine finding an awesome bathroom remodel idea on Pinterest (for my tech savvy visitors) and then fixing up your bathroom as you saw fit. Imagine coming home in the evening to a place that you know can’t be sold from under you; you can stay as long as you’d like. No lease expiration with an increase in monthly payments. All of these and more, are clear advantages of owning a home.

Why Help Pay Someone Else’s Mortgage? 

That’s what you’re doing when you rent. And you don’t even get the tax benefits of owning the home you’re helping to pay off! Don’t get me wrong; renting is perfectly acceptable for many. You might need to save up for your down payment. You might need to save up for your closing costs. You might like the convenience of having an on-site maintenance staff. You might even like the excitement of moving around every year or so into a new community. These are all perfect examples of why you should be renting.

Is Your Enthusiasm For Renting Wearing Thin?

If so, then call us, or fill out the form below. We’d like to help you find a path to homeownership here in the Santa Clarita Valley. We can be reached today @ 661-373-2374.


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