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You’re a buyer, which is why you came to this page. You might be wondering how the buying process works. While we won’t get into the step-by-step process of buying a home here, what we will discuss here is buyer representation.

As a home buyer, you need an agent to represent you in the purchase of a home. Not just any agent, mind you. You need a GREAT agent!


The answer is simple. A GREAT agent assisting in your entire home purchase is free to you! On the same hand, what’s not free to you, is working with an average agent.

How So?

Ever paid less for something, and it ended up costing you more? Sure you have. We all have. That principal works just as well when hiring someone for the job of helping you buy a home. While there isn’t an actual fee that you pay to an agent for helping you buy a home (unless otherwise agreed to), it can be very costly to work with the wrong agent.

Imagine over-paying for a home. Imagine the seller’s agent taking advantage of you with terms that aren’t customary, and worse, you agree to them. Imagine your deal falling apart after you’ve already hired movers.

These are all real things that happen every day. What you need is a GREAT agent that’s free to you, can help you save the most money on your home purchase, and negotiate on your behalf for the utmost favorable terms possible. That’s when you’re in the win-zone in real estate.

Thinking of hiring your parent’s agent just because they said to? Thinking of hiring your friend’s brother who’s new in the business because you’re soft-hearted and want to give it a chance?  Think again. This is probably the biggest purchase you’ll ever make. And as such, you need to do your due-diligence and hire the person who’s right for you, and will fight for your best interests.

We’d like to speak with you about representing you in the purchase of a home here in the Santa Clarita Valley. That’s what we do. We specialize in Santa Clarita. Nowhere else. If you want to find out the benefits of working with a local specialist who’s helped hundreds of buyers just like you, please call us today @ 661-373-2374. Or just fill out the form below.


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