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Let Your Santa Clarita Home Agent Also Be Your Santa Clarita Loan Broker?

Is your agent also your loan broker?
Is your agent also your loan broker?

Would you let your doctor also double as your car mechanic? Doubtful. Your body and your car. Two things you care about. Likewise, when shopping for a home in Santa Clarita, why also let your real estate agent be your loan broker? #Facepalm

I can’t believe this still happens or is allowed to happen at all. But I’m seeing it. Let’s just say this… I think it’s allowed. Pretty darn sure, actually, perhaps with proper disclosures. This blog post is just to question whether or not it’s in your best interest. You can decide for yourself.

There are amazing real estate agents out here in the Santa Clarita Valley. There are also super-hero-like lenders, also located here in the Santa Clarita Valley. For the health of your home purchase, keep the two separated – that’s my advice. Both jobs are super important to the success of your home purchase. I can only imagine the reasons why any person would let their agent double as their loan broker. I can also only imagine why any agent would double as the loan broker to their home buyer client.

Keep it simple. 

Leave the job to the professionals that should be doing the job.

As a home buyer, you have a lot to worry about. Let’s not worry about whether or not your agent or lender is the jack of all trades. 

Need help figuring out which agent should hep you in your next real estate transaction here in Santa Clarita? Need a good referral to a Santa Clarita home loan lender? ASK Robert! Call me at 661-373-2374 or just make contact with me here.


Robert Mickalson

Robert & Lexie, at the Mickalson Group, are a top selling real estate team at Re/Max of Santa Clarita. With innovative marketing, negotiation mastery, and their focus on client care... the Mickalson Group brings the results their clients want and need. Specializing in the Santa Clarita Valley home market, they have gained the trust of hundreds of clients who refer them with confidence to friends and family. Interview the Mickalson Group for your real estate needs. Whether you're buying or selling, Robert & Lexie want to ensure your housing goals are met with success.

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